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More than 1 year has crash at 300 km/h in Bonneville on August 29 last year.
I have been treated in Fukui, Kyoto, and local hospitals and chiropractors.
When my condition was the worst, I couldn't work well, so I was worried about quitting my job seriously for a while.

I thought about surgery, but the surgery was stopped after seeing a famous doctor in the world, and I consulted with a doctor who was my childhood friend, and he said that spinal surgery was not a good idea because it was too risky, so I didn't do it, but I think that's right now.

I have hardly ever been to a hospital before, and speaking of stress, I only suffer when my work is not going well, so I live a stress-free life, so I don't get sick as a result. Well, if I had to say it, I would say that I only catch a cold when the season changes. lol

I was not used to going to the hospital, so I went to many hospitals because of this injury, but I think I learned from my own experience that depending on the hospital (physician), the condition of a patient can be either good or bad. I think it's just like what the Harley industry calls "For better or worse, it depends on the shop.".
In the end, 1 minute walk from my house, I went to the private hospital right in front of my house, and I had my CT and MRI taken again, and after they made an appropriate decision from "focus point" which is different from other hospitals, and prescribed appropriate medicine, my symptoms improved considerably. I was told that the symptoms will get better as time passes, but it's not going to be completely cured, so I don't have to do too much, take medicine only when the pain is severe, and I will live with the aftereffects of falling from now on.

At this time last year, I couldn't push and pull a motorcycle, and it was out of the ride, but now I can riding about 200 kilometers (But my arm hurts after I get ride on.), and it is not easy to change bikes in daily work, but it has recovered to the level where a bikes with the weight of FXR hardly causes any trouble.

The symptoms were almost "Fixed" so I asked the hospital to write a medical certificate yesterday and sent it to the race insurance company today.
*It says "residual disability" so I was actually refused saying that I cannot write a medical certificate at other hospitals. In a way, it's a breach of responsibility.

Well, I haven't completely recovered, but now I don't have any problems in my daily life, and I can work and go trout fishing as I like.
I think I can participate in the race in Bonneville if I stay like this.

I have had many things for over 1 year, and to be honest, the treatment was long, but I think I can finally "one break" and take a step forward.


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